Qt application development
Using the Qt framework wie are developing platform independent application running on Linux, Windows, Android and Mac OS/X. Applications are developed by using newest technologies like Qml and Qt's excellent OpenGL engine.
elbe-net Billing
elbe-net ISP billing solutions for telecommunications and SIP servicesTelekommunikations are used by various customers worldwide. Based on many years field tested concepts and modern Java software technologies we guarantee our customers scaleable and modern solutions which are growing with your company. elbe-net billing systems currently are running e.g. for factoringof VoIP, PSTN and WLAN and Wimax infrastructure solutions. The elbe-net billing system provides open interfaces for processing Radius AAA and propritary data formats.
With MySQL as database backend we are providing customer solutions which are competitive with many commercial solutions like Oracle or MS SQL. With MySQL Cluster and Heart-Beat exists an high performant and high availbility solution which provides even at highest requirements an optimal security.
Professional installation, maintainance, PL/SQL programming and optimizing of Oracle 8i, 9i and 10g databases. Installation and configuration of Oracle Parallel Server and RAC installations. RMAN backup configuration und multimaster replication.
Asterisk is the most popular Open Source PBX solution. We are designing and configure large telecommunication solutions based on Asterisk Open Source PBX and the OpenSips proxies. With OpenSips and Asterisk PBX common telecommunications and VoIP are combined to completely new options .
Elbe-Net is registered Cisco partner with focus on TCP/IP infrastruktur and TDM/SS7/VoIP switching. Together with Asterisk und OpenSips Cisco telecommunication solutions are providing the interface to carrier-grade telecommunication networks.